Binary installation of iDVC can be achieved with conda. Currently we only tested the app on Windows.

Installing the App

  1. Install miniconda:

  2. Open an anaconda prompt (miniconda).

  3. Create a new environment and install the software by typing conda create --name idvc_environment -c conda-forge -c ccpi idvc=24.0.0 (or replace 24.0.0 with the latest version number).

  4. Activate the environment by typing activate idvc_environment.

  5. Run the app by typing idvc.

Please note that whenever you would like to open the app you need to carry out steps 2, 4 and 5 above. Alternatively, use miniforge ( instead of miniconda.

Updating the App

If you have previously installed the app, to get an updated version:

  1. Open anaconda prompt (miniconda).

  2. Type activate idvc_environment (note that when you created your environment, if you called it something else you need to replace idvc with your environment name.)

  3. Type conda install idvc=24.0.1 -c ccpi -c conda-forge (or replace 24.0.1 with the latest version number)

  4. Type idvc to open up the app, as normal.

Installing the DVC Executable Only

If you have followed the instructions to install the app above, you will have installed both the app and the dvc executable which can be called from the command line by typing ‘dvc’ Alternatively, if you would only like to install the dvc executable and not the gui, you may follow these instructions:

  1. Install miniconda<>

  2. Open an anaconda prompt (miniconda) and type….

  3. ``conda create –name dvc-core ccpi-dvc -c ccpi -c conda-forge ``

  4. activate dvc-core

  5. dvc

Please note that whenever you would like to run the executable in future, you need to carry out steps 2, 4 and 5 above.